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I havent had any reason to post in a while but heres something I think we can all agree on.....
All goths should die horrible deaths. preferably being set on fire while impaled on fences, Vlad-style. I just thought i'd throw that out since they suck so hard. Every night after I take my vitamins and read my roomate his bedtime story, I pray to Jesus and ask him to kill them. Is that really too much to ask? Does the world really need all the fat, crying teenagers that miss Brandon Lee and the Crow so bad that all they can do is sit in their black rooms in their mommy and daddy's houses listening to Bauhaus or Slipknot? Let's face it, Bauhaus is terrible, and while I have nothing against homosexuals(hell, I might even be one...seriously) Slipknot is jut plain fucking GAY. Whatever, I need to rant and goths make great scapegoats. Here's a list of other things goths are good for:

Moving targets at shooting ranges
The bag the psychologist makes you punch the fuck out of to release aggression
Coraling shopping carts
Hitting them instead of your kids when lil Johnny fucks up
when you feel down and just plain need to make someone cry
Armor for humvees in Iraq (support our troops, kill a goth)
I am open to any other suggestions
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