eldoug (eldoug) wrote in blame_satan,

my name is doug and satans a good enough scapegoat i suppose

If you are joining this community, please fill out the following little application, so that "we" can get to know you as a human (?).

Location:used to be long island...
Sex (do not say "yes please"): im a guy last i heard
Favorite thing to do: oh lord, stuff. i like guitars. and writing.
Attached/detached lobes?: i lost my lobes in the 'nam
Whom do you loathe?: those fuckers on sweet 16, being in the army(not for long tho mua ha ha)
What sort of muzak do you prefer: hardcore, punk rawk, jazz, and sinatra
Are you wearing loafers?:nope, got me some chucks
If so, are they brown?:blacker than shaq baby
Do they SMELL BAD??:not telling, im not that kind of girl
Make an outrageous claim:I like big butts, and in fact, i cannot lie
If I insulted you on the street, what would you do?:
If I killed you and buried you under my floorboards (hypothetically, geez!), how would you haunt me for the rest of my life?:just watch you shower
And, lastly, what is your favorite film:geez let me think...definately not kangaroo jack
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